Bare Conductive touch board

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Bare Conductive touch board

So I got myself a Touch Board from Bare Conductive. Put simply, this is just like a high end Arduino board. It has a MicrocontrollerATMega 32u4, just like the Arduino Leonardo.


It is kind of Arduino meets Makey Makey. The Touch Board let's you connect pretty much everything to it. the thing you connect becomes like a sensor.


  1. You can hook up the board to Garage Band and create a simple paper piano
  2. You can use it to scroll through pages ( TouchBoard scrolling )
  3. It also can be used as proximity sensor
  4. Like for Arduino, you can upload sketches using Arduino IDE


For people that do not yet fully understand MicroController ( like me ) this is a great way to develop knowledge. The board comes with a library that can be donwloaded from the Bare Conductive site. One can extend this libary and mix together sketches.


Watch out the blog for more articles and examples.