Proximity scrolling with the Touch Board

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Proximity scrolling with the Touch Board

The Touch Board projects are endless. One of the possibility is to use it as a Proximity Scrolling. I found this article

With a simple aluminium sheet assigned to Electrode E0, I could recreate the scrolling on my computer. 

For some reason when I compiled the code onto the Touch Board, it gave me an error : "NHDF' was not declared in this scope". 


As I am a beginner, I would like to share the steps I took in order to have the proximity scrolling code working on my board:

  1. Once I compiled the sketch onto the board, it gave me the error on NHDF
  2. I found this page about a similar board. NHDF is mentioned in there as I field.
  3. I went ahead and removed the entire setupProximity(); and this did the trick.


I also tried this : As per a response somewhere on the Arduino Forum, I added char junk; at the beginning of the sketch to force the IDE to put all the function definitions at the top but this did not help much.



Using an aluminium sheet and connecting it to electrode E0 worked quite smoothly. You may need to reset the board after code compiled. From what I could see, it seemed I have to make a physical contact with my hand FIRST in order for the scrolling to be enabled.