Servo - Continuous with Johnny Five Library and Pubnub

Category : Internet of Things (IoT)

Servo - Continuous with Johnny Five Library and Pubnub

Arduino, an open-source, microcontroller-based kit, one can connect to it many different ways. One of them is with the johnny-five library. I have chosen this way of tackling an arduino because I do not feel confortable with C-based language required for programming an Arduino board.


This simple html5 page allows you to control a Servo motor. This scenario has some pre-conditions, say some setup required.


  • StandardFirmata sketch needs to be uploaded onto the Arduino board. Check the Arduino IDE.
  • Make sure you have Node.js installed.
  • download the latest johnny-five library.
  • Make sure you have the required hardware and wiring: Arduino Board (UNO), Servo (RS-2 model) and wire.
  • Create an account with Pubnub. Get the keys
  • PubNub has a great Publish/Subscribe model for real-time data streaming and device signaling.
  • Initialize PubNub. Use Johnny-five to control the board.
  • Check my  entire repository ( for some inspiration or guidelines ) on github


The main idea is that from a simple HTML5 page, user can control the servo motor. Johnny Five allows for control of an arduino board over a computer. Watch out for more tutorials.